Boat-house-theatre update

Hannah and Hanna in Dreamland

The first run of Hannah and Hanna in Dreamland finished this weekend at the Marlowe in Canterbury. Full houses, great energy. It’s been a privilege working on it (as sound designer) for the last six weeks with a brilliant team – John Retallack, Lisa Payne, Celia Meiras, Sally Marie, Jan Ryan, Darryn de la Soul, Rachael Smith, Nat Jones, Karl James, Peter Harrison, Al Jolly. On tour now.

This Is Our Garden In The Morning

This Is Our Garden In The Morning is now available to listen to at Tate Britain.  I wrote and produced the piece and it leads listeners through three gardens, real and imagined, featuring the wonderful voices of Ayaan Bulale, Ian Jones and Vera.  It’s part of the Sonic Trails series that I initiated with Tate Families back in 2012!  I’m proud so many great artists have been featured over the years, including Neil Luck, Aine Belton and Catherine Clover.

Soft Borders

Get your copy of Sophie Mallet’s Soft Borders here (  It features a conversation between Sophie and I on Margate, arts-led regeneration and art’s role in redrawing boundaries and borders within a community, and is one output of the Soft Borders project that I ran with Sophie at Resort Studios.